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Synergistic Acne Scar Treatment

Got ACNE SCARS? Trust only Adraneda Dermatology Clinic with your Acne Scar Treatment Journey.
At Adraneda Dermatology Clinic we’ve discovered a proven and successful combination of procedures that removes acne scars permanently and successfully. We recommend different treatment modalities based on our patient’s skin type and the extent of the scarring
Treating acne scars is a process, but up to 90% improvement can be seen if patients undergo the treatment program. But of course, visible improvement may already be seen after 1-2 sessions!
 We combine different treatment modalities depending on your scar type. Achieve up to 80-90% improvement after you finish your treatment program. With RF Fractional Microneedling or Fractional RF as the base treatment, we can combine the following treatments depending on the acne scar type, to achieve the best results at the shortest time possible:
❇️ 100% tcacross
❇️ cannula subcision
❇️ punch excision
❇️ PRP / Calecim serum / Rejuran Healer
❇️ fillers
❇️ prpbiofiller
❇️ picolaser
❇️ acne scar surgery (acne scar revision)
❇️ chemicalpeel
If you want less of the downtime, and more enhanced improvement, we can add Calecim serum post treatment. Calecim serum contains high concentrations of active stem cell proteins. It is the aesthetic doctor's choice of clinical skincare as it dramatically improves treatment results, and delivers visibly firmed and lifted skin.
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Q: What is the fastest way to treat rolling scars, deep boxcar scars and volume loss?

A: Cannula subcision with Filler Injection (Calcium Hydroxylapatite or Hyaluronic Acid Fillers)
👩‍⚕️Cannula subcision is a lifting method that breaks down the acne scar fibers that pull down the skin. Fillers are then added for volume replacement and to prevent re-attachment of tethered tissues.
❔What is Radiesse Filler?
Radiesse is the brand of Calcium Hydroxylapatite Filler. It's a semi-permanent, biostimulatory filler, which gives volume and acts like a scaffold, where collagen will develop. Soft tissue augmentation lasts for up to 18 months. However, due to its biostimulatory property, the effect on scars doesn't return to baseline, as collagen has already developed within 18 months.
🔎What other fillers can be used?
Hyaluronic Acid fillers and PRP Biofiller can also be used for volume replacement. However, the effects are often shorter than Calcium Hydroxylapatite fillers.
For mixed type of scars, its still best to combine cannula subcision with other treatment modalities. Results may vary depending on skin type, scar severity, and patient factors.
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