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REJURAN activates the skin's self-regenerative capabilities, addressing various skin concerns such as wrinkles, scars, enlarged pores, redness, and pigmentation, among others.

Enhancement of Skin Elasticity and Reduction of Fine Wrinkles

By stimulating the production of collagen and restoring the Extra Cellular Matrix, REJURAN aids in the recovery of thin and damaged skin caused by aging. Simultaneously, it improves skin elasticity and diminishes the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Enhancement of Skin Tone and Texture

REJURAN contributes to the improvement of pigmentation, enhancing overall complexion brightness. This is particularly beneficial for restoring tonicity and luminosity, resulting in a smoother skin texture.

Verified Safety

Comprising high biocompatible DNA fragments, REJURAN ensures a safe application with no adverse reactions.

Natural Enhancement of Skin Beauty

REJURAN provides natural beauty effects by boosting skin elasticity and hydration from deep within the skin, resulting in a naturally radiant and beautiful complexion.

What does REJURAN do?

  • Activates self-regenerating properties of the skin
  • Improves thickness of the skin
  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Reduces unwanted inflammation

Because of its effect on damaged and healing skin, Rejuran can be used on its own for damaged or aged skin, or it can be used in combination with other treatments, such as lasers, high intensity focused ultrasound, microneedle radiofrequency, scar subcision, and even combined with HA skin booster treatments. Doing so means synergistic effects that allow for quicker healing and reduced downtime, while improving the end result.

Rejuran offers 4 different products to meet your specific needs

Rejuran Healer  

 Benefits of Rejuran Healer

  • Skin texture
  • Fine lines
  • Skin elasticity
  • Skin tone and colour
  • Reducing oil production
  • Reducing pore size
  • Acne scars
  • Skin hydration


Powerful Synergistic Effect in Rejuvenation and Hydration!

High biocompatible DNA fragment extracted from wild salmon that activates self-regeneration ability of the skin

A natural substance that helps keep the skin moisturized and hydrated

Pre-incorporated lidocaine that reduces treatment-related pain and enhances patient comfort


Double Effect in Rejuvenation(PN) and Hydration(HA)
REJURAN® HB gives both the skin healing strengths of PN and the deep skin hydrating benefits of HA


REJURAN i - Under-Eye Area Rejuvenation