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Medical Dermatology

1. Warts, Syringoma, Milia & Skin tag removal - Electrocautery (ECT) is a treatment that effectively removes benign skin growths such as warts, syringoma, milia and skin tag. A topical aesthetic cream is applied before the procedure, which makes the treatment painfree.


2. Sclerotherapy - Sclerotherapy is a fast and effective treatment for leg varicose and spider veins. A solution is injected directly into the vein, which causes that vein to collapse. 


3. Keloid treatment - Hypertrophic scars and keloids can be safely treated by injecting a potent solution into the scar. The scar then gradually softens and flattens out. 


4. Sweat control treatment - Effective sweat control can be achieved through the use of Botulinum toxin injection. The treatment effect lasts for up to 1 year. 


5. Biopsy of skin lesions - Psoriasis and suspicious skin growths are advised to be biopsied for proper management. 


6. Eczema management


7. Scar treatment - Our fractional laser effectively minimizes the appearance of scars. Noticeable improvement can be seen even after the first session. 


8. Treatment of skin, hair & nail diseases