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Top 10 reasons why you should try azelaic acid

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Top 10 reasons why you should try azelaic acid

Azelaic acid is one of the wonder ingredients in dermatology. It helps treat several skin conditions e.g. acne, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and perioral dermatitis. It doesn't cause antibiotic resistance, better tolerated than retinoids and is safe for pregnant and lactating women.

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Are you suffering from MASCNE (Acne due to mask)?

acne acne due to mask acne mechanica mascne side effects of n95 mask

Are you suffering from MASCNE (Acne due to mask)?

Are you suffering from MASCNE? Learn what is MASCNE and what causes it. Get tips on how to prevent and treat MASCNE.

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Nheng's Wonderland Blog Article

ADRANEDA DERMATOLOGY AND COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC GRAND OPENING Monday, January 21, 2019 Our first event for this year is for the grand opening of Adraneda Dematology and Cosmetic Surgery. They've re-opened their branch at Il Centro last Sunday, January 13, 2019. At Adraneda Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, they provide only safe, ethical and evidence-based treatments to their patients. Dermatologist, Dra. Miriam Dumandan-Adraneda, is a Board Certified Dermatologist of the Philippine Dermatological Society. Using her vast knowledge and experience, she developed treatment regimens that can be personalized and tailored to your needs. Aside from Adraneda Dermatology Clinic, Dra. Miriam also holds clinic at...

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Review from - one of the top food and lifestyle bloggers in Manila

Review from - one of the top food and lifestyle bloggers in Manila


When in need of some serious pampering, it’s a must to press the pause button and unwind with a bit of “me” time. Visiting beauty salons and spas is a great way to treat yourself after a busy week. Across Metro Manila, cosmetic and skin treatment centers offer cut-price deals on everything from slimming, whitening and hair removal to facials. Each has its own specialization and the common objective is to help us achieve healthier, youthful, and more radiant skin.

However, when it comes to dermatology and cosmetic surgery, choosing the right expert is important. You don’t want to be complacent with just the cheapest and most accessible skin care center, especially when you have sensitive skin.

For services like skin whitening, acne treatments, IPL hair removal, anti-aging treatments, and dermal filler, skipping the clinical setting of a doctor’s office in favor of a pampering beauty center is tempting. Dr. Adraneda of Adraneda Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, one of the members of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS), reminds us to watch out.

Before booking skin-enhancing services in beauty centers and “medical” spas here and there, doing your homework will ultimately be worth the time and effort. 😉 Which ones are okay and which ones you should steer clear of? If you’re not comfortable with what you find out, move on to another establishment.

I had the chance to visit Dr. Miriam Dumandan-Adraneda’s new clinic in Marikina with my mom last Saturday for consultation and learned more about their dermatology services. Dr. Adraneda took the time to explain what and why she was going to do. I highly recommend setting an appointment with her if you have skin problem or just want skin care and pampering. This post is a review of her services plus an online giveaway at the end. 🙂

Review of Adraneda Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery (San Roque, Marikina City)

Diamond Peel Facial

The last time I experienced getting a diamond peel facial was perhaps more than 10 years ago—at the peak of puberty. Acne all over my forehead and clogged pores on my nose bothered me, caused a lot of stress, and lowered my self-image. For visible results, I religiously attended bi-monthly sessions of facial treatment by our family dermatologist.

At Adraneda Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery’s clinic, the Diamond Peel Facial consists of a medical exfoliation and extraction that can clear pores of dirt and debris and remove dead surface cells. The facial procedure helped to soften, nourish and rejuvenate the outer layer of the skin as well as promote cellular turnover. Pain was minimal and tolerable as it’s a very non-invasive way of peeling the skin for a fairer complexion.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, the diamond peel facial does not require injections or surgeries. The diamond-tipped hand-piece literally felt like vacuum, as it was “vacuuming” away whiteheads, blackheads, dirt, and dead skin. Why is it called “diamond”? The instrument, apparently, is filled with real diamond dust which gives that sandpaper effect on the skin.

Diamond peel facial, when done regularly (every two weeks), can really make significant changes in minimizing scars, removing blackheads, producing collagen, and improving overall skin condition. To ensure that the skin was soothed and to reduce irritation, the procedure ended with a peppermint mask which left a fresh, cool and awesome feeling. The peppermint mask is also good for those who have acne-prone, blemished, and oily skin. I like the feeling of having moist and supple skin. 🙂

Warts Removal

During the facial treatment, Dr. Adraneda spotted some warts on my face. I was not even aware I had warts! 😛 Size was small and hardly noticeable especially when I wear makeup. It was funny that all along, I had been thinking that they were just small moles.

Moles are highly pigmented benign spots on the skin, whereas warts indicate a viral infection within the skin. Furthermore, Dr. Adraneda explained that the difference between a mole and a wart is that moles are not contagious but warts are. Warts can be passed to others by direct contact (e.g. beso-beso or cheek-kissing) and indirect contact (e.g. public showers or swimming pool areas). Upon learning this, I had zero hesitation to have them removed and thought it would be best to stay away from beso-beso-ing people and shake their hands instead. 🙂

Warts removal was quickly done, surprisingly. A topical anesthetic was applied and it took about 30 minutes to numb the skin. When the doctor told me we were about to begin, I clenched my fists and closed my eyes, getting ready and bracing myself for the pain I was expecting. Dr. Adraneda burned the affected areas with a high frequency current which took no more than five minutes. Thanks to the anesthesia and the doctor’s expertise, I didn’t feel a thing. I could not believe that warts removal could actually be pain-free!

RF Anti-aging Treatment

For my mom who loves to look younger than she is, the radio-frequency anti-aging treatment was most recommended. Dr. Adraneda’s anti-aging/tightening treatment utilized RF energy, causing the dermal collagen to heat up and thus create renewed collagen leading to increase skin firmness. The RF anti-aging treatment is also known as the “non-surgical face-lift” or “non-surgical wrinkle treatment” as it tightens the skin and reduces sagging.

The instrument provided massage-like stimulation to the surface of the skin that encourages blood flow, giving the skin that youthful glow. Though not too dramatic, the result is immediate after the first session; the effect can last up to two weeks. The same RF therapy is a viable solution for reducing stretch marks.

Syringoma Removal

My mom had her syringoma removed about a decade ago, but like weeds, it regrows back again of its own accord even if we don’t want it to. Syringoma are benign sweat gland growths. The bumps cause the undereye area to crinkle and create unsightly wrinkles.

With the treatment, anesthetic was used for numbing the skin and the spots were covered with tape for increased absorption. To burn away the syringoma, a small probe with an electric current ran through the deep dermis. Results are said to be typically seen within one to two weeks.

Wrap Up

“Medical” spas that are not associated with certified dermatologists may suggest products to use and solutions to try, but consulting with a licensed doctor who has earned a solid reputation with complete qualification can always guarantee safety, ethics, and effectiveness. Board-certified dermatologists and members of PDS like Adraneda Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery spend years learning about the skin, hair, nails and related areas. They are the most trusted and experienced professionals that understand better about skin diseases, causes and treatments.

Adraneda Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery offers a wide range of medical and cosmetic services consisting of dermatology procedures and treatments. In this clinic, patients are assured with the right cosmetic and medical practice as they deserve, regardless of the procedure. So whether you’re looking for fillers or facials, microdermabrasion or warts removal, Dr. Adraneda and her team are committed to safe and effective treatments with proven results.

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Read about what's experience at our clinic

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