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A few months ago, we invited to try our services at the clinic. is a travel and resource blog that highlights what Marikina has to offer.  you can follow the blog at this site- 

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Amazing Derma Experience at Adraneda Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Marikina

For a long time, I have delayed my warts issue because simply, I am not a derma enthusiast due to the pain entailed in the beautifying process. I have heard stories that cauterization is painful and may leave scars that would last for days or even weeks and that you can’t take a bath for days too. I also fear that something may go wrong in the process of removal and instead of being helped, I may be more harmed; instead of becoming a bit pretty, I’ll be uglier.

Breaking the Myths of Painful, Undesirable Derma Experience

Those fallacies are behind me now as I met the lovely and skin-perfect dermatologist behind Adraneda Dermatology and Cosmetology Center, Dr. Miriam Adraneda.


I have trusted Doc Mirdz  with my most prominent skin care problems. Aside from my warts, I still have another which is a prolonged issue I may be able to share with the readers in the next weeks.

Back to the electrocauterization warts removal.

The waiting lounge of Adraneda Derm was comfy and nicely decorated and me and my good friend and work partner, Jeck, comfortably waited for our warts removal procedure. Jeck and I shared the same belief – we were scared of the cauterization and the scars effect.

The Easy Breezy Process

 We were first examined as to the kind of warts we have. We both have them on the face and neck so those areas were subjected to cleaning and application of cream anesthesia. We comfortably lied down on our beds while waiting for the anesthesia to take effect.



 After about 30 or 45 minutes, Doc Mirdz and her assistants performed the cauterization. The whole time, she was very calm, chatting casually and totally in control. Both Jeck and I were surprised that every wart was removed in a matter of seconds and in almost painless way! Doc Mirdz also assured us that we can take a bath the morning after!

After the removal process, Jeck and I checked out the cauterized warts and we were elated to see small scars only on the treated warts. No bleeding at all!



Doc Mirdz gave us each a bottle of hydrocortisone with erythromycin cream to be applied on the treated areas twice daily for a week. It has been a week since the procedure and the scars are going away nicely.

Our verdict: 5 STARS!

(From Jeck’s FB comment: Thank u Adraneda! State of the art equipments and really good service from a real doctor. The authentic painless warts removal experience. I’m impressed!)

I still have another procedure ongoing with Adraneda Derm and will share with you the results after the series of sessions are completed with high hopes that the results are dramatic!

Meantime, I recommend that you visit ADRANEDA DERMATOLOGY AND COSMETOLOGY CENTER at No. 2 Pitpitan St. Midtown Subdivision 2, Barangay San Roque, Marikina City, located at the back of McDonalds Marcos Hi-way.

To Doc Mirdz and Adraneda Derm clinis staff, KUDOS and thank you for the wonderful experience, we’ll definitely see you soon!For appointments and inquiries you may call ADRANEDA DERMATOLOGY AND COSMETOLOGY CENTER at telephones numbers (02) 899-3697 or like them on Facebook by clicking this LINK!

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