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Go To Post     What is the best treatment for acne scars? Well, it depends on the type of scars that you have. There are 2 main categories of acne scars based on texture: 1) Atrophic a) rolling scars - wide, shallow or deep depressions with gently sloped edges; results from dermal tethering b) icepick - deep and narrow sharply demarcated tracts that extend to deep dermis c) boxcar scars - shallow or deep round to oval depressions (1.5-4mm) with sharply demarcated vertical edges, flat - bottomed 2) Hypertrophic - Raised scars resulting from collagen deposition within (hypertrophic) or beyond (keloid) the borders of original injury . Best treated with steroid injection. Based from studies, icepick scars are best treated with TCA CROSS and punch excision. Rolling scars are treated with subcision, fillers, needling, ablative laser, fractional laser and fractional rf. Both fractional laser and fractional RF work equally well to treat rolling scars, with fractional rf having faster downtime and lesser side effects. For boxcar scars, options are TCA CROSS, ablative lasers, fractional laser, fractional rf, and surgery. Why do you need treatments other than CO2 lasers for icepick and boxcar scars? The depth of icepick and boxcar scars extend outside the depth reached by your CO2 lasers, this is why its best to include TCA CROSS in the treatment plan. Why do we need to combine treatments? Combination therapies are more effective than monotherapies because scars often require volume restoration, enhanced tightening and/or tissue movement along with resurfacing. The study by Zaleski-Larsen et at showed that combination modalities can be performed safely and the synergism among various modalities contribute to optimal outcomes. Our treatments are well-researched and backed up by science. Most patients see improvements in their acne scars in 1-2 sessions, but results may vary depending on the age, skin type, immunity, products used, etc. For bookings and inquiries, contact: 0933-8638440 / 0976-0597234 /8899-3697 For FAQ: #acnescarsph #acnescarstreatmentph #subcision #tcacross #acnescarremovalph #fractionallaser

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