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Patients always ask,

Go To Post     Patients always ask, "What's the difference between PRP and Biofiller?" Both PRP and Biofiller are made from the patient's own blood. After the blood has been centrifuged, we extract the PRP, which is liquid. The plasma is then "cooked" to become Biofiller, which is now in gel form. PRP, which is liquid, contains growth factors from your blood, to stimulate collagen production and to improve healing. Since it's in liquid form, it does not volumize the skin. It can be used for diffefent types of scars. This is also used for "vampire facial". Biofiller is a gel that also stimulates collagen production. According to 1 study, biofiller contains trapped platelets that releases growth factors in the skin. One major advantage of Biofiller vs PRP is that it can volumize the skin, and helps prevent tethered scars from re-attaching. In a split face study done by Nassar et al, they did 4 monthly sessions of subcision plus plasma gel (biofiller) vs subcision plus prp. After the 6th month post procedure follow up, there was a significant difference between the 2 side of the face, in favor of the plasma gel side. (Nassar, A., El-Shaarawy, W., & Salah, E. (2022). Autologous plasma gel injection combined with scar subcision is a successful technique for atrophic post-acne scars: a split-face study. The Journal of dermatological treatment, 33(2), 829–835.) Our treatments are well-researched and backed up by science. Most patients see improvements in their acne scars in 1-2 sessions, but results may vary depending on the age, skin type, immunity, products used, etc. For bookings and inquiries, contact: 0933-8638440 / 0976-0597234 /8899-3697 For free assessment via viber chat, message Doc M at viber 09199130113 Location: 2nd flr il Centro Bldg, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta. Accessible via LRT Line 2 Marikina Station. 5-10 mins away from Eastwood/Katipunan For FAQ: *Results may vary #fractionallaser #co2laser #acne #acnescartreatment #fractionalco2laser #dermatologistph #tcacross #acnescarsolution #dermaph #acnescarring #acnescars #boxcarscars #icepickscars #acnescarremoval #acnetreatment #subcisionph

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