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Now’s your chance

Go To Post     Now’s your chance to get that dream derma or cosmetic surgery procedure at 0% installment for up to 6 months!

Whether its acne scar treatment, HIFU, or rhinoplasty, you can pay up to 6 months installment, ZERO interest!

You may pre-pay via our website and enjoy the procedure on a later date!

For more info, visit our website,

Terms & Conditions Apply
1. This promo is available to all customers who will apply/sign-up to BillEase at our website chekout page during the promo period.
2. Those who applied and successfully passed BillEase’s Know Your Client can proceed to complete the payment transaction (i.e. select installment schedule up to 6 months and make the required down payment) on the app or checkout page.
3. Micro-approved customers or those who were given a minimum credit limit amiunt of Php 500 due to poor credit score are not qualified for the promo.
4. BillEase may reject customer applications according to its KYC procedure and reserves the right not to disclose the reason for such rejection.
5. Promo period: Nov. 24-30 and Dec. 11-17
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