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Go To Post     Do you want to improve your acne scars fast? Try our 5in1 Synergistic acne scar treatment. This treatment is scientifically proven to improve acne scars, chickenpox and is also used for facial rejuvenation. 5in1 Synergistic Acne Scar Treatment includes our unique Plasma biofiller (prp dermal filler). Plasma biofiller is a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers with no risk of allergic reactions. It can be used for acne scars, lines and wrinkles. It is made by extracting your blood, spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma and red blood component, then processing the plasma to convert it from liquid to gel. The gel adds plumpness to areas that have lost volume, while smoothing the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to its lifting effect, this treatment achieves bio-stimulation with stem cells and growth factors producing collagen. According to a study by Pol et al, "Tissue augmentation by PRP dermal filler gel in the case of soft atrophic acne scars not only has a volume effect with an immediate improvement in contour but may also induce remodeling of extracellular matrix by the activation of platelet-derived growth factor and various cytokines." (Indian Dermatol Online J. 2021 Mar-Apr; 12(2): 361–362.) Plasma biofiller is done together with rf fractional microneedling, 100% tca cross, cannula subcision and prp for a holistic acne scar treatment. Aside from acne scars, plasma biofiller has also been studied for chickenpox scars (doi: 10.1016/j.jaad.2019.07.100. Epub 2019 Aug 7. PMID: 31400459) and facial rejuvenation (J Cutan Aesthet Surg. 2020 Jul-Sep; 13(3): 243–246.) For bookings and inquiries: 09338638440 / 09760597234 / 8899-3697 Location: 2nd flr il Centro Bldg, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta. 5-10 mins from Katipunan/Eastwood. Accessible via LRT line 2 Marikina Station. *Results may vary Thank you to our patient who shared her before and after photos #fractionallaser #co2laser #acne #skinlaser #acnescartreatment #fractionalco2laser #tcacross #acnescarsolution #dermaph #acnescarring #acnescars #boxcarscars #icepickscars #acnescarremoval #acnetreatment #fillers #prp #dermalfi

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