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August Beauty Bundle

Go To Post     August Beauty Bundles! Get the best deals for Acne, Melasma, Antiaging, Mild Scars, Leg Scars, Slimming & Body Brightening! 5,999 - Medicalia acne facial + Pico Laser + LED light therapy (for ACNE) 6,999 - Pico laser + Whitening chemical peel + Gluta drip (for WHITENING) 7,999 - Oxygeneo Ultrafacial + Pico laser + LED light therapy (for WHITENING) 8,999 - RF fractional + PRP + LED light therapy (for PORES, ANTI-AGING) 9,999 - 6 sessions UA diode LHR + 4 sessions UA peel + Whitening deo (for UNDERARM WHITENING) 10,999 - 2 sessions Pico for leg scars + 1 session leg peel + IVRE Whitening lotion (for LEG SCARS) 11,999 - Whole body peel + Gluta drip + IVRE whitening lotion (for WHOLE BODY LIGHTENING) 12,999 - 2 sessions HIFEM EMS Body Slimming + 2 Mesolipo + 2 RF (for SLIMMING) Visit our website: Terms & Conditions: We accept credit/debit cards, Gcash, BPI online bank transfer No expiry. May pre-purchase online. Pls present proof of payment. Less 3.5% discount for cash and BPI Online bank transfer Non-refundable, non-convertible, non-transferable Promo period: Aug 1-31, 2022 Strictly by appointment Location: 2nd flr iL Centro Bldg, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta. Accessible via LRT line 2 Marikina Station. 5-10 mins from Katip/Eastwood #prp #scartreatmentph #scars #legscartreatment #acnemarks #emsculpt #slimming #dermapromosph #postinflammatoryerythema #acnescarsph #acnescarsphilppines #medicaliafacial #whiteningfacial #acnephilippines #oilyskintreatment #antiagingtreatmentph #melasmatreatmentph #dermaclinicph #facialtreatment #NotoOilyskin #melasmatreatment #underarmwhiteningph #pigmentationtreatment #underarmwhitening

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