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Tyrolite Whitening Cream Anti-Melasma

Tyrolite Whitening Cream Anti-Melasma

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Tyrolite Cream improves skin pigmentation and erythema by limiting melanin production and skin reddening. It helps to lighten the skin tone and improve skin texture. It contains melanostatine, which helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Key Ingredients:

  • Beta white
  • Tyrostat
  • Melanostatine

Key Benefits:

  • Tyrolite Cream is beneficial for lightening the skin tone and improving skin texture
  • It contains melanostatine that aids in the reduction of the appearance of dark spots
  • It also contains Tyrostat which helps in providing even skin complexion

Directions For Use:
Use as directed on the label or as advised by your physician.

Size: 15g

Expiry: april 2025

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