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Synergistic Acne Scar Treatment

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Our synergistic acne scar treatment program combines different treatment modalities to treat acne scars fast! Treating acne scars is a process, but up to 90% improvement can be seen if patients undergo the treatment program. But of course, visible improvement may already be seen after 1-2 sessions. 
What treatment can be combine?
1. RF Fractional Microneedling - this is usually the base treatment because this helps stimulate collagen production and helps tighten and lift the skin. This treatment also gives an overall improvement in skin texture.
2. 100% TCA CROSS - best for open pores, icepick and boxcar scars, but can also be used to improve rolling scars, especially in patients who will not undergo subcision.
3. Cannula subcision - by using a blunt tip cannula inserted under the skin, we tear the fibrous scar tissues that make up rolling scars. Immediate improvement can usually be seen after 1-2 sessions of cannula subcision.
4. Punch excision - this is a minor surgical procedures that uses a cylindrical skin puncher to remove icepick and deep boxcar scars.
5. Pico Laser - Pico laser is best for open pores and dark acne marks. It will not only tighten pores and lighten the skin, but will also lessen oiliness and prevent acne. Plus, it gives a brighter, glass skin finish.
6. PRP biofiller - PRP, which is rich in growth factors, is converted into gel and is injected under the skin. This helps lift the skin in the affected area and helps further improve the result of your subcision.
7. PRP - is platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood. PRP is rich in growth factors that help stimulate collagen production, giving your treatment a much enhanced results. It also speeds up healing time from the procedure. This is an add on procedure after Rf fractional treatment.
8. Calecim serum - serum rich in stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord of sheep. It helps stimulate collagen production and also speeds up healing. It is widely used in key cities worldwide by top dermatologists. You may learn more about the product from their website:
9. Fillers - hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite fillers are used to lift the area of the scar. This also helps maintain the effect of your subcision. Contact us before you avail this treatment so we can assess first if this is the appropriate treatment for you.
Available in 3, 4, 5 session packages and mixed package (2 sessions 3in1 and 4 sessions 2in1).
10. Rejuran S mesotherapy

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