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Nirvalyte Whitening Gel Anti-Melasma

Nirvalyte Whitening Gel Anti-Melasma

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Nirvalyte Gel is a skin brightening formulation specially designed to erase the pigments on
the face and other parts of the body and restore beauty. It is a powerful, yet safe, skin
lightening gel as it does not contain steroid or hydroquinone. It is fortified with plant and
Natural sources. Ilt is dermatologically tested.
4-n-butylresorcinol 0.33% w/w,
Glycolic Acid 6.0% w/w,
Aloe Vera 5.0% w/w
Niacinamide 4.0%
in a Gel Base q.s.
* Melasma
* Brown spots
* Post N Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
* Uneven Skin Tone
* Uneven pigmentation
* Acne induced pigmentation
* Freckles & Lentigines
After face wash pat dry and apply a thin layer of NIRVALYTE GEL to the affected area twice
daily or as directed by physician.
Size: 30g
Expiry: Aug 2026

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