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Mediket Versi

Mediket Versi

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Mediket Versi

Do you suffer from dark or pale spots on the skin? Tinea Versicolor can be the reason.


Mediket Versi is a highly affective gel which can solve your problem at skin and scalp where related to Tinea Versicolor. It can be also used for „oily" scales of the body and hair.


Tinea versicolor is relativelly frequent superficial skin problem resulting in dark or pale spots to the skin, often in the area of chest or neck. Problem appears often in summer, especially in warm or damp weather. Spots can elnarge to wider areas which can „scale out" in steps.


How to use Mediket Versi?

First two weeks, use gel daily for cleansing of body and scalp skin, next two weeks every second day. Thereafter, use Mediket Versi for another four weks for preventive purposes. In a case of spots re-occurance return to a daily use and consult your problem with dermatologist.


For kids over 10 years of age and adults.


Developed together with dermatologists

Preparation: gel

Unit: 120 ml



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