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Dr. JRK 777 oil for Psoriasis

Dr. JRK 777 oil for Psoriasis

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Dr.JRK’s 777 oil is a clinically proven medicine for psoriasis treatment that

  • Effectively removes psoriatic scales
  • Offers prolonged period of remission
  • Decreases inflammatory responses

All types of Psoriasis

How to use:

Apply 777 oil all over the body in the morning. Take a bath with Psorolin bath soap. or as directed by your physician.



• Wrightia tinctoria : 50%

• Oleum cocos nucifera : 50%

Contra-indications There are no known contra-indications.

Scientific Proof

• CTRI registered Clinical trial with 42 psoriasis patients for 12 weeks showed improvement in PASI (Psoriasis Area Severity Index) score by 74.14% and PGA (Physician's Global assessment) score by 3.64.

• Proven to be safe under OECD International guidelines for Toxicology.

• This psoriasis oil has much lower acid value than any other oils in market which confirms its safety for long term use on psoriatic skin.

• This psoriasis product is proven to be as effective as Calcipotriol with no side effects.

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