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Acne Treatments

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1. Acne Facial with LED 

Acne facial incorporates the use of blue photo light therapy which kills pimple- causing bacteria. Blue Light treatment is FDA-approved for the treatment of acne vulgaris. 

2. Medicalia Acne Facial with LED

Medicalia acne facial is designed to refine pores, reduce inflammation, absorb oil and control oil production. With antibacterial and natural antiseptic ingredients, skin is healed, oil is reduced yet properly hydrated. It includes an antiseptic mask with rich blend of active ingredients Includes Glycolic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Sulfur & Camphor Gives healing, soothing, purifying & tightening benefits Reduces visible pore size & prevents bacteria growth Leaves skin calm, refined & healthy.

3. Acne Facial with Combination Acne Peel 

Great for inflammed acne! We use a combination of Salicylic acid peel, Azelaic acid peel and TCA peel. 

4. Acne Triple Therapy

Includes Acne Facial with LED, Combination Acne Peel and QS NDYAG laser. Aside from being anti-inflammatory, this treatment also helps lessen oiliness, minimize pores and lighten acne marks.

5. Acnelan with Acne Facial with LED and QS NDYAG laser

Our most effective acne treatment! Patients report improvement in acne in just 1-2 sessions! 

Acnelan is an advanced professional medical method for intensive treatment of skin types prone to acne and seborrhea. This treatment unclogs pores, removing deep impurities while improving skin texture.

This product line incorporates the innovative m.acne complex formula with active ingredients that create a synergy with cross-cutting effects on the different factors that trigger breakouts in acne-prone and seborrhoeic skin by:

  • Reducing the level of hormone involved in androgen excess related to acne-prone skins.
  • Clears the pilosebaceous canal.
  • Slows sebum production.
  • Controls bacterial proliferation.
  • Reduces and smooths inflammatory
  • 5-α reductase inhibition. This reduces levels of DHT, allowing better prevention and control of androgen excess.
  • Unblocking of the pilosebaceous canal. This encourages keratolysis of abnormally thick stratum corneum and unblocks skin pores.
  • Decrease in sebum production. This slows down the secretory activity of sebaceous glands.
  • Control of bacterial proliferation. This inhibits the growth and reproduction of the strains making up the skin flora, which may infect blocked pilosebaceous canals.
  • Less redness and epidermal swelling. This reduces and soothes the intensity of the inflammatory process of acne outbreaks.
  • Lightening of post-acne hyperpigmentation. This improves the appearance of hyperpigmented areas of skin after an acne outbreak.

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