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HIFEM Sculpt for Slimming & Body Toning


You may feel a little discomfortable, depending on your own threshold. But it is not
painful and feels like an intensive workout. We will manage any discomfort by adjusting
the power settings appropriately
AS you become more used to the procedure and you know what to expect, each session
will become more comfortable


How many treatments do need?
Many patients will notice increased muscle tone after one treatment The ideal is four
sessions, each spaced a few days apart So, " just a couple of weeks to achieve the same results as months of dieting and exercising
To achieve a tighter and more toned silhouette HIFEM could be your new hero to obtain results that no gym class will achieve


How long does an HIFEM treatment take?

Depending on the area to be treated, a typical treatment takes around 30 minutes and a minimum course of 4-6 sessions is usually required to obtain the best results.