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Skingram Whitening Set

Skingram Tranex-Delic Whitening and Acne Scar Treatment Set

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Tranexamic acid is the safest anti-pigment ingredient. It helps to be highly effective in removing pigment spots, brightening skin complexion and also ideal for lightening acne scars.

Mandelic acid - derived from bitter almonds, it exfoliates deep into the skin and removes dead skin cells. It inhibits the growth of melanin, which causes brown patches, freckles and uneven skin tone.

The set includes:

1. Moisturizing Day Cream

An innovative day cream formulation with tranexamic acid and sunblock. It helps to protect the skin from sun exposure while making the skin soft and smooth.

Size: 25g

2. Spot Corrector Serum

An innovative combination of Tranexamic Acid and Mandelic Acid effectively treats uneven dull complexion while refining rough skin.

Size: 30ml

3. Brightening Toner 

This toner helps to provide soothing and moisturizing effect, leaving the skin feeling more supple and radiant. 

SizeL 100ml

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