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Peel 2 Glow

Peel 2 Glow

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The fabulous Peel2Glow DIY peels get real results in the comfort of your own home. Formulated by award-winning brand Skintech, they are suitable for all skin types and so simple and quick to apply. They need zero preparation PLUS have zero downtime – what’s not to like? Absolutely perfect for a skin pick-me-up as we head into the summer season, leaving your skin feeling wonderfully refreshed.

Peel2Glow can also be incorporated into your existing skin care regime too, they’re wonderfully versatile. It’s a simple 2-step treatment, each treatment containing two ampoules; the peel ampoule which prepares your skin and the skincare formulation ampoule.

Step 1:

Peel2Glow Step 1 Peel

Step 2:

Peel2Glow GLOW

  • Skin Bloom GLOW containing propylene glycol, glycerine and Vitamins A, C and E, which moisturises and protects the skin against external aggressors and pollutants, enhancing its texture, tone and radiance

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