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Froika Omega Plus Bath Oil Atopic Skin Treatment

Froika Omega Plus Bath Oil Atopic Skin Treatment

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Size 200ml

It is a daily hygiene product that relieves intense dryness and sense of burning conditions. It hydrates the skin and protects it from drying effect of water. Its strong moisturizing action soothes irritations and redness helping it to retain its normal skin function.

Calming and emollient oil for the cleansing or the treatment of atopic skin.

It is formulated with special oil phase combination like vegetable oils, shea butter and borage oil that soften the skin and replace the lack of skin lipids.

Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids that help the effective regeneration of the skin's cellular structure acting also as an anti-inflammatory agents, the anti-itching factor Polidocanol, Oat, Bisabolol and Vitamin E reinforce the healing, moisturizing and calming effect.

How to use:

BATH: 3-4 caps for Adults, 2 caps for Children with 5-10 liters of water

SHOWER: After the last rinse, apply gently to the skin and rinse off with
water. Wipe off gently with a towel.

SKIN: Apply topically in cases of dryness with intense itchiness


Polidocanol 2% , Plant Oil + Shea Butter, Panthenol + Bisabolol, Vitamin E

Made in Greece

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