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Eslite Glutathione Capsules

Eslite Glutathione Capsules

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Eslite is the first brand in the Philippines to bring in a more powerful internationally recognized form of Glutathione known as S-Acetyl Glutathione.

Unlike regular Glutathione, the protective layer of S-Acetyl prevents it from degrading in the digestive tract, making it up to 3x MORE EFFECTIVE than regular Glutathione.

Eslite improves overall health and wellness, providing a host of benefits including anti-aging, liver protection, and skin whitening.

Eslite's active ingredients are patented S-Acetyl Glutathione from Europe, and SOD Cantaloupe Melon Extract from France. Patent No. US9834579B2 (Granted on December 5, 2017)


-Healthy, Younger Looking Skin

-Skin Whitening

-Healthy Collagen Levels

-Liver Protection

-Stronger Immune System

-Powerful Antioxidant

-Increased Energy Production

Directions: Take one capsule once a day

Additional Information: SOD, also known as the Youth Molecule, is the strongest antioxidant according to the antioxidant pyramid. It synergizes perfectly with S-Acetyl Glutathione to slow down the aging process by aiding the body in having healthy Collagen levels and fighting off cellular damage.

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